Adium Automatic Reconnect

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My DSL ISP disconnects me every 24 hours. So I set up a timer to automatically disconnect me, when I'm not online (around 5:15am). Each time Adium gets disconnected and won't reconnect automatically. This is, what my script does, it simply disconnects (just to be sure) and reconnects.

For Adium X 1.2 and later:

tell application "Adium"
repeat with a in (every account)
if enabled of a is true and status type of a is offline then
go online a
end if
end repeat
end tell

For Adium X previous to version 1.2:

tell application "Adium"
repeat with a in (accounts)
disconnect a
connect a
end repeat
end tell

Save this script als Application, and add something like this to your crontab:

40 05 * * * open /Users/heiko/bin/Adium\ >> /dev/null #2>&1

Thats it.