Schick 4.0 FAQ

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This page tries to answer the most frequest questions regarding Schick 4.0.

General Questions

Is Schick 4.0 compatible with prior versions?

Answer: No, since the 4.0-rewrite of the whole networking code Schick is incompatible with 1.x, 2.x and 3.x versions.

Does it support IPv6?

Answer: Yes!

Does it support files larger than 2GB (largefile support)?

Answer: Yes!


How do I use Schick to send files?

Answer: To send a file to another peer, just drag & drop the file on the user image in the browser.

Why is my user image not shown in the browser window?

Answer: Maybe you didn't allow Schick to access your contacts (or you didn't set a image for your contact in your Addressbook/Contacts).
Please see this section below to learn how to fix this.

Why does Schick try to access my contacts?

Answer: Schick tries to retrieve your user image from your contact. No other information is read from your contacts! I promise!

  • Please click "OK" to allow access:


I denied Schick to access my contacts, and now I don't have a user image in the browser - how do I fix this?

Answer: Follow this steps:

  • First, open your system preferences and click the Security & Privacy-icon:
  • Click Privacy:
  • Click the checkbox to allow Schick accessing your contact to obtain your avatar:

I just changed my user image, but Schick won't show it!

  • Please make sure, you changed the image of your Contact (me) in your Contacts (if you're using 10.7: Addressbook)[1]
  • As of OS X 10.8 and 10.9, this will take effect after you logged out and in again

How do I add a peer that is not reachable by Bonjour?

(If it's in another subnet, or Bonjour doesn't work properly)

Answer 1

Use the "Add by address…"-feature as described here

Answer 2

If you're more the hacker- than the user-type, try something like this:

What is my IP address (and port)?


  1. Click here:
  2. Showing your IP addresses:


How do I turn on debug logging?

A: Just hold down the command key (⌘) on launch. It will be automatically turned off again on quit. Log entries can be found in Console or in ~/Library/Containers/net.wurst-wasser.Schick/Library/Logs/Schick.log.

Schick can't find the other Macs in the network! (Help! Mac A can "see" Mac B, but Mac B can't "see" Mac A)

Answer 1

Please check with Tildesofts Bonjour Browser! If it also doesn't show any peers, it's most likely your WiFi doesn't support multicasts the way it should. This happened to Heiko too...WiFi & Bonjour seems to be a bit of a problem. If you want to use Bonjour over WiFi, I'd recommend buying a good Access Point (Apple Airport, Cisco, Ubiquiti).

Answer 2

Please try again over Ethernet, and if that works out, make sure your WiFi supports Bonjour...

Answer 3

Switch to Ethernet. No, really. Your Bonjour-related problems (with Schick, Airprint, iTunes Sharing etc.) will be gone!

Answer 4

Try: ⌘R
* If you don't see all peers, try: ⌘⇧R
* If other peers don't see you, try: ⌘R

Answer 5

If you can't or don't want to switch to Ethernet, try adding your peers manually instead of using Bonjour. See Schick 4.0 Add By Address.

Answer 6

It might be caused by a haywired firewall setting. Just remove all incoming connection connections, stop your firewall, reboot, start your firewall.

  1. "Advanced..."
  2. Add (if missing) an entry for Schick:
  3. stop your firewall
  4. reboot
  5. start firewall

Somehow irrelevant questions

Do you like the 11th doctor?

A: No!

What's your favourite doctor?

A: The fourth, Tom Baker.[2] But I also enjoy watching Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.

What's your favourite beer?

A: Lone Star!

  1. Changing the user image in System Preferences won't work
  2. The 4th doctor: